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Brain Smatterings

Get Your Shoes Off My Rug

Leon Czolgosz
27 May
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I don't think I need to say anything else, really.

"But see how we are the same? You and I? We both see strangers and we react. We don't like to walk by people without nodding. We're broken when people are rude. We're broken when people can't meet us halfway. We can't accept the limits of normal human relations -- chilly, clothed, circumscribed. Our hearts pull against their leashes!"

"Dude, like, love is the total deal!!! It's the all-around package! Everything comes back to love! Music and love go hand in hand I think! Like, you love you parents (even if they suck), or you love your friends, or you love your girlfriend, or, like, you love your pet!!! You know? Like, a cool pet is, like, what...a dog? Fuck that shit, man, how about a fucking baby rabbit, man...how totally awesome are baby rabbits?"
-Andrew WK